Great Photo Is All About Good Light Reflection

We had a clear sky and bright sunny day on 3rd day of our London travel! :) I captured this street view in Camden Town of London which is famous for its open-air Camden markets selling antique goods, clothing, rockers’ fashion, souvenirs and many other stuffs. When I walked by the street, evening sun was shining on this row of shops beautifully. I saw it and quickly snapped a photo on the scene. The result is splendid!

Camden Town2

Answer this: Can any camera capture anything in a dark without flash light?

Lighting is the single most important element in photography. No matter how expensive and advanced is your camera, poor lighting delivers dull colours, if not poor. Otherwise, if the scene or object is under good lighting, either natural sun light or deliberately arranged artificial lighting setup, any camera can capture it with good colours, even a small sensor Point-and-Shoot. Don’t think that post processing can improve the colour of poorly lit image. No photo editor can do wonder on this.

The above photo says it all. It’s just a snapshot with my entry level Nikon D60 and cheap Tamron SP10-24mm. Without special setting and equipment, I was able to capture an impressive picture with striking colours!

Photo Tips: Always remember to ask yourself this question before taking any photo: Is your subject under good and enough lighting? If not, try figuring out how to provide more good lights onto it! With flash, reflector, or table lamp… :)Cecil Lee Photography

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