Recent Images Taken With Nikon D7000

I have been busy traveling around Asia and Europe to hunt for my subject for the Travel Photographer Of The Year 2011, and I’m still looking for one. Meanwhile, I have just come back from my Europe travel with all of my 6 SDHC memory cards filled up!

A few of the photos taken on the travel have been uploaded to my Flickr page and I wish to share a couple of them with you here…

sunburst on Jungfraujoch2

Jungfrau glacier peak, Switzerland.

Shutter Speed 1/160s / Aperture f20 / Focal length 18mm / ISO 100.

Grand Place mood

Grand Place of Brussels, Belgium.

Shutter Speed 1/25s / Aperture f3.8 / Focal length 24mnm / ISO 1600.

Both photos were taken with my Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 18-105mm lens attached.

Hope you like it! :)Cecil Lee Photography.

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