Finally a Final Domain for Cecil Lee Photography blog

Well, it may not bother you all, but it meant a lot to me. After considering it being my permanent website for anything related to my photography venture, I decided to register for a permanent domain name for Cecil Lee Photography.

Instead of putting a prefix at the back of this blog’s address, I decided to let her grow independently by transferring the whole (luckily it’s still relatively new) blog content to a new and permanent website address with just a dot com. So from now on, you should bookmark this blog again with this new url of Having said that, if you wrongly type the old address, it will still be redirected to the new domain.

This decision was made to not confuse readers with my another travel photo blog, Travel Feeder, with a shared domain name of, albeit they are still sister blogs created by the same blogger!

For the time being though, I’m still tidying up all relevant changes necessary for the domain transfer so please bear with me if there are still complication in surfing this blog.

With this crucial move, I will put more efforts to share more photography tips in this blog and hope it will grow as fast as its elder sister! Thank you for supporting me. 🙂 – Cecil Lee Photography

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