Close up photo with Nikkor 18-105mm

For perfect close up shot, a macro lens would be your ideal choice if you wish to get a 1 to 1 real size image, or the largest and nearest image you can capture with a camera. However, if you wish to capture objects bigger than your camera’s image sensor and as a whole, a telephoto lens could do the job pretty well.

I took this shot of a small group of strawberries up close with the Nikkor 18-105mm standard zoom lens at its 105mm telephoto end of zoom range. If you are viewing this image in a 23″ LCD monitor with HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, the strawberries are already appeared to be larger than what we could see with our naked eyes.

Strawberries closeup

This photo image is not the sharpest shot I can get from the lens, and it was also not focused to the dip of the closest strawberry. But it still looks pretty sharp at screen size, clear and vibrant in colour. The Bokeh at the background is smooth and not distracting. The maximum Aperture at its 105mm end is F5.6 which is ideal to produce relatively shallow depth of field for close up images with sufficient details being in focus.

Generally, as an all purpose lens for any Nikon DSLR, Nikkor 18-105mm is doing his jobs fairly well. Any Nikon DSLR beginners can use this lens to shoot various kinds of images such as landscapes, portraits, wide angle, close up, telephoto or sports with good results, as long as beautiful lighting is available. 🙂 – Cecil Lee Photography

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