The high ISO performance of DSLR

One of the advantages of DSLR over the film SLR is its ability to capture night scenes easily. Unlike film SLR where you need to switch your roll of film to high ISO film or set your tripod up and shoot with a remote shutter, DSLR will adjust its ISO setting automatically according to ambient light to let you capture night scenes with low light level, and it all happens instantly!


The above photo was shot on the street of Shinjuku, Tokyo. By setting my Nikon D7000 to automatically adjust the ISO setting to ambient light level, what I did was simply point and shoot whatever I found interested on the street at night, easily and quickly without needing to switch to other film or bring my tripod along and set it up for the scene. Most importantly, the result was excellent!

The image quality of photos captured with High ISO setting by DSLR is too high to be matched by high ISO films in terms of noise level. With technology advancement in digital photography, and take the above photo as example, images captured in ISO1000 with DSLR is as clean or even cleaner than those captured with film SLR using ASA200 films.

This has made DSLR the best imaging equipment for street photography and journalism, which require spontaneous and fast burst of camera shutters. After all, it is much more easier now to get great photos from Digital SLR. 🙂 – Cecil Lee Photography.

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