Filter the sunlight and get the perfect exposure

Lens filters are among the most useful tools in photography. Experienced photographers understand the needs of filters in capturing an object or scene to enhance the picture quality that digital post processing can never achieve. Among various lens filters, Polarizing filter, or simply polarizer, is the most popular to landscape and travel photographers. It cuts down harsh sunlight reflecting from your subject scene or objects, thus enrich the colors of your image.


The above photo of my hand holding a can of kohi (coffee in Japanese) was shot with my Hoya Pro-1 Digital circular polarizer. It was taken directly under bright sunlight with harsh reflection coming from the can that have angular shape design. No matter how you adjust the angle plane, harsh sunlight still reflected from certain angle plane of the can.

This is when we need polarizer to cut down the reflection and make the image more appealing. The end result? A photo of a can of coffee with perfect exposure and color richness, which is impossible to reproduce in post processing actions! 🙂 Cecil Lee Photography

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