Photo Collection – The vibrant city colour

I love photographing cities. I love to capture the vibrancy of a city, especially at night, which is why I love travel photography. The essence of travel photography is the ability to capture the real beauty of a city; The real beauty that is not made up by post processing, but something exist in a city that attract people, be it the building design, the billboard signage, or the vibrant city lighting.

Having said that, capturing such scenes with our camera is easier said than done. We need to combine all factors together to capture the real beauty of it. Such factors include ambient lighting, sun lighting, perspective, composition, angle of view, depth of field, and off course, a bit of luck.

Dotonbori Namba-2

Dotonbori area of downtown Namba, Osaka, Japan

Shutter Speed 1/60 second / Aperture f3.5 / Focal length 18mm / ISO 160 / white Balance AUTO / +/-0 EV stop.

I love this street photo of Dotonbori, downtown Osaka. I was lucky that I pressed down the shutter button with all factors came in handy. The result was satisfactorily and the vibrant city colour of Dotonbori in the evening has been reproduced accurately, without the need of any post processing actions except watermarking at the bottom corner! 🙂 – Cecil Lee Photography.

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