How to Take Fun Vacation Photos: Ready, Point, and Shoot!

We’ve all been there, the nightmare of sorting through hundreds of photos from short but sweet out of town trip over the weekend. Twenty snapshots consist of photos of your friends in redundant poses. Another fifty photos of that beautiful sunset over the beach. You ask yourself, which sunset? You seriously can’t tell which one. How about forgetting rechargeable batteries or chargers to bring? Sound all too familiar? Here are some easy tips to take fun vacation photos for the serious and the not-so serious photographer:

Itchy feet travelers

Take a ton of photos

Just remember you can always delete the ones you don’t like. But remember to curate your stuff. No one likes to see ten photos of rocks, sand, and your feet; people would probably lose interest while viewing your photo album. Filter them by event, time, and place. Take photos of not just the view and the scenery but be sure to take photos of interesting, candid moments with your friends and family, especially while having an exciting moment, playing sports or even games. Instead of toting your usual point and shoot camera, you can experiment and have fun with analog cameras such as LOMO, Diana, Holga, and fisheye, pinhole, multi-lenses cameras to create unique, beautiful effects with your photos.

Don’t be afraid to take the shot, just take it.

You’ll be glad you did. What makes a photo interesting is not only how beautiful the scene or view is, but the genuine candidness and composition of your photograph. Just like taking candid shots, you can also try your luck on sites like Foxy Bingo. Play weekly online tournaments so you’ll never miss out on big jackpots! You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, just be sure not to repeat it by taking the same shot twenty times. Have a safe trip and don’t forget to bring your camera! 🙂 – Cecil Lee Photography.

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