A Little Thought on Photography – What You Love About Photography?

More and more people love photography nowadays. Thanks to the fast technology advancement in this digital era, all of us now can take photos without camera. We can take photos with our mobile phones, smart phones, iphone 4, laptops, desktops, netbook or even watches. This trend has given rise to photography hobbyists who love to snap photos as they go along.  Digital photography is so easy to snap, to see, to delete, to process and to print out. But why photography is so adorable?

By definition, photography is the process where people use a camera to capture what they see and love to keep an image of the scene or people or object as records for future reference. This is the basic objective. Any one can do it, even a child. But it’s not all about photography. We also love to share our photos. In order to please others, we start talking about the art of photography.

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Art of photography involves capturing an image artistically and enhance the appearance of the image to an extend which can’t be seen with our naked eyes but we love to see it. Cameras could sometimes capture what our eyes can’t see.  Photography art is also to create an artistic images out of what we have captured to please ourselves and also other people or audience. This art would extend further to be an essential part of commercial shooting.

Commercial photography involves shooting objects, models, buildings or scenes to create advertorial pieces with commercial value. Apart from shooting what we love to see, commercial photography are mainly shooting what other people love to see.


I love photography since I was still young and found that photography can capture nice travel scenes and nice girls that I knew. 🙂 I realised then photography isn’t just press a camera shutter button half way down to focus and fully down to capture an image. It actually involves various techniques (such as adjusting White balance) to how to capture a beautiful part of an image and also to capture the most beautiful moment of a scene or an people action, which you think is meaningful to you. These are the difficult and challenging parts of photography and these are why so many photography hobbyists including me love about photography.

What about you? Why do you think you love photography? – Cecil Lee Photogragphy.

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