Think Tank Photo Retrospective 7 camera bag

I’ve never used a Think Tank Photo camera bag before. Neither due to its quality  nor its pricing. It was mainly because of its size which is beyond my needs as a waist belt bag (I chose the Lowepro Inverse over Think Tank Photo Speed Demon because of its size). Until recently I finally bought a Think Tank bag for myself, due to the same reason: it meets my current needs!

There are too many types of camera bags currently flooding the market. Why is it so? Because no single type of bags fits all photographers’ needs. We have backpacks, shoulder bags, sling bags, waist belt bags, pouches and more. On top of that, we have Lowepro, Think Tank Photo, Kata, National Geographic, Tamrac, Manfrotto and more brands that have their own characteristics and style. As the matter of fact, get ready to be spoilt for too many choices!

Well, I’m not elaborating the pros and cons of each of those different types of bags and brands here. I’m just trying to say that we always have different camera bags for different needs. I’m currently in need of a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag and with a size that just big enough to include a compartment for my iPad or netbook. And Think Tank Photo Retrospective 7 ticks all my boxes!


I’ve posted a more detail review of this messenger bag on my travel blog. Check it out!


More product details and price of Think Tank Photo Retrospective 7 messenger bag.

After all these years of traveling with my photo gears, this the first time that I choose to carry a camera bag that looks so inconspicuous to easily blend into our city environment and with a colour other than black.

Photography is an art, an art of creation that requires creativity but not ordinary. So why should photographers carry those ordinary camera bags with fixed compartment? Jump out of the box, use something different to fit in all your photo gears and start to be creative! 🙂 –Cecil Lee Photography

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